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Iced Tea Recipes

1. Classic Iced Tea Ingredients: 8 tablespoons of loose leaf black tea 8 cups of water Sugar or honey to taste Lemon slices for serving Instructions: Bring water to a boil. Steep the loose leaf tea in the hot water using your premium tea infuser for 5 minutes. Remove...

Premium Tea Infuser

The Coolahoo Premium Tea Infuser also known as a tea strainer is our first product and can be purchased on Amazon.com. Are you looking to brew a great cup of tea again and again? Use the Coolahoo Premium Tea Infuser to brew great tasting tea.(Click this picture to see...

3 Tips to Help You Enjoy Loose Leaf Tea

If you are English, you like tea, enough said. However, this versatile little drink has very much conquered the world, and tea now has a much bigger reach as a product than it had twenty years ago. Connoisseurs are setting up tea clubs in the most unlikely of places....

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