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The Coolahoo Premium Tea Infuser also known as a tea strainer is our first product and can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Are you looking to brew a great cup of tea again and again?

The Coolahoo Premium Tea Infuser

Use the Coolahoo Premium Tea Infuser to brew great tasting tea.(Click this picture to see it on Amazon.com.)

If you are a person who appreciates good tea, then you know how important it is to use a good tea infuser. 

Using a good tea infuser will let you get the most flavors from your tea so you can enjoy the delicate taste.

How does it do this?

A good tea infuser will allow most of the water in your mug to come in contact with the tea leaves and will be large enough to allow your tea leaves to fully expand giving you the best tea experience.

Here are a few reasons why you might like our new tea infuser:

  • Very little to no tea sediment gets through to the cup.  This is due to the fine wire mesh which is much less likely to allow bits of tea through to the cup compared to those made of metal with holes punched in it.
  • Basket Type Tea Infuser – Basket types are easier to fill and clean.  Furthermore, the basket allows loose leaf tea more room to expand resulting in better flavor and health benefits.
  • A lid to hold the tea infuser – Once you make a cup of tea, sit the basket on the lid and reuse it to make several more cups. They say that the best tea flavor often comes with the second and third brewing.  Also use the lid to hold in steam while your tea brews.
  • Cleaning is easy – First, simply turn over and gently tap out your used tea leaves.  After that, run under strong water and use some soap and a sponge.  That’s it; you will find that it is very easy to clean!
  • Stainless steel – Better than plastic and silicon as it doesn’t hold flavors from you last tea or have a plastic flavor.  It is dishwasher safe.
  • Handle – The handle allows you to easily remove it from your pot or mug without burning your fingers, or hold it and use it as a strainer over your cup when pouring tea brewed in a pot.
  • 45 Day Guarantee – Return it if you are unsatisfied for any reason.
  • Clean look – The bright steel and simple design will attract praise from your guests. They make great presents, or you can buy several for tea parties and give a guest their own to use for different teas.

A Bonus eBook is included with purchase.  

The Coolahoo Premium Tea Strainer makes great tea.

Make great hot teas with the Coolahoo Premium Tea Infuser.(Click this picture to read the reviews and learn more on Amazon.com.)

You can get the download details and password found in each box in which the tea infuser is shipped.

Book details include:

– Tips on cleaning, using, and caring for your tea infuser.
– Introduction to the most common types of tea, their benefits, and the best brewing methods for each.
– Many different ways to use left-over tea leaves.

A few excerpts from reviews posted on Amazon.

“Best Tea Steeper that I have had!!!”

“Great design for a single cup of tea.”

“It is sturdy and easy to clean.”

“The handle makes it easy to dump out the tea leaves.”

Read the full reviews at here -> Amazon Reviews

If you want to enjoy the full and real flavor of great tea, then you should try one today. We think that you will enjoy using our tea infuser.

CLICK this link or any picture –>  To read the reviews and to see it on Amazon.

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